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Beijing vancancies(List)

city: Beijing


#Beijing vancies summary

1. Beijing K12 Kindergarten Music Teacher

K12 Kindergarten PE teacher

Candidates from listed countries will be considered:

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and Ireland
must have a native language national teaching license or music education major +

2+ years of relevant music education experience in a reputable school.

very competitive salary package, 13 salaries, fully paid for winter and summer holidays. Children's education, international insurance. High housing allowance etc.

2、 Beijing Montessori Kindergarten, need 2 Native english speaker teachers with

AMS or AMI certificate, experience in Montessori education is preferred,

salary 23k~35k all inclusive before tax.

3、 Beijing Tongzhou Kindergarten, need 1Native english teachers,

over 1 years homerooms kindergarten

salary after tax 28k~30k (including Housing allowance) (PRC card holder did not have nationality limit )

4、 Montessori assistant,

no certificate required but accept Montessori teaching system, 2 years kindergarten experience or more salary 23k-30k before tax all inclusive.

5、Bilingual School Junior and senior high school (ICT) teacher required .

Must hold an International Teaching Certificate QTS or PGCE equivalent. (Communication Technology teacher qualification is particularly required).

At least two years' experience in ICT in junior and senior secondary schools in reputable bilingual schools.

very competitive salary package + housing allowance , fully paid summer and winter holidays, children's education, contract completion bonus, moving expenses, international medical insurance for the whole family, etc.

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6.Beijing K12 Internationl school

START DATE: 21st August 2023 at 9 am.

Candidates from listed countries will be considered:

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


- Monday through Friday unless the Chinese government mandates working on Saturdays or Sundays,

- 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

- Up to 20 students may be in a class.

- Up to 25 teaching periods every week.

- 45 minutes each class.



- 1 * English Language Art/Science/Social studies/Math/Homeroom teacher - kindergarten

- 1 * English Language Art/Science/Social studies/Math/Homeroom teacher - grade 2

- 1 * English Language Art/Science/Social studies/Math/Homeroom teacher - grade 3/4



- 1 * English Literature/English Language Art/Homeroom teacher - grade 7/9


To be eligible for a profile's consideration and interview:

- Candidates must be preferentially from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

- Knowledge of American & Cambridge curricula

- 120 hours of TEFL/TESOL training

- QTS/PGCE/US teaching license credentials & major in education (preferable)

- The applicant should have significant teaching experience in the topics.

- BA or MA in education, special education, elementary education, or secondary education with 4 years of teaching experience

- BA or MA in ESL/linguistics with 4 years of classroom experience

- BA or MA in English literature with 4 years of classroom experience

- BA or MA in Science, STEM or Biology with 4 years of teaching experience

- BS or MA in Physics or Chemistry with 4 years of classroom experience

- BA or MA in Math, Calculus or Geometry with 4 years of teaching experience

- BA or MA in Social sciences or Humanities plus 4 years of teaching experience



1.Full-time employment with a one-year agreement (renewable).

2.The candidate will directly sign a contract of employment with the institution and will get support with work visas and residency permits.

3.The candidates must have a valid work visa, be in China and present the letters of release and cancellation as well as the work permit card at the time of starting at the School.

4.For the primary department, the monthly take-home pay is from 28,850RMB after taxes housing stipend included.

5.Monthly income for the department of middle/high school starting at 29,919 RMB after tax housing stipend included.

6.For the department of Fine arts, the monthly take-home pay is 28,850 RMB after taxes housing stipend included.

7.After the first year of the contract, a performance bonus up to 12,000RMB before-tax in July is proposed.

8.Yearly increment plan as per the teacher’ seniority.

9.Extra compensation for :

a) excellent attendance,

b) for PGCE/SACE/QTS/US teaching license, and c) for MASTER/PhD degree.

10.National holidays: 1 week in October, 1 month for Chinese New Year, 1 week for Labor Day, 3 to 5 days for the Dragon Boat Festival, and 7 weeks for summer vacation.

11.Depending on the candidate's joining date, half pay for the February salary (winter break) or the August salary (summer break) is offered to new hires and only for the first year.

12.Excellent classroom management skills and knowledge of classroom technology.

13.A passion for teaching and an understanding of the inquiry-based method.

14.A supportive, friendly, competent, cooperative, and invigorating multicultural workforce.

15.A one-hour lunch break and a free meal on campus.

16.A monthly breakfast allowance and gifts from the school.

Sick days, Education Group's medical insurance for international hospital departments in China.

The curriculum we Use

a: K-12 UK Cambridge curriculum.

b: K-12 with American curriculum:

We are now looking for qualified, energetic and globally minded teachers to be part of our team.

We offer competitive remuneration, and opportunities for professional development.

Our teachers are great role models for our community because they genuinely care about the children they teach, those they work with and themselves.


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How to apply 

Please feel free Contact us with your update CV + intro video + reference contact + visa

Subject: Position Applied

Wechat: bchubc or papashostel

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If you are in aboard (out of China) please feel free contact us with Whatsapp 


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Live an exciting lifestyle , travel to exotic lands ,and earn a good living by working in China