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National Immigration Administration of China Releases New Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card


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The State Administration for Migration held a press conference in Beijing on September 15, announcing that a new version of the Permanent Resident Card for Foreigners of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Permanent Resident Card") will be officially issued and activated as of December 1 this year, and that the new version of the Permanent Resident Card will be released in the form of a template at the same time. After the launch of the new version of the permanent residence card, the current version of the permanent residence card can still be used within the validity period, and the holder can apply for the replacement of the new version of the permanent residence card in due course according to his/her personal needs.

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A permanent residence permit is a legal identity document issued by the National Immigration Administration to eligible foreigners after they have been authorized to reside permanently in the country. The card can be used alone as a personal identity document, and can be used as a legal proof of identity on occasions when the holder needs to prove his or her identity, such as when registering for accommodation or purchasing tickets for a bus (boat or airplane), without the need to present his or her foreign passport.

On the basis of maintaining the basic style of the current version, the new version of the Permanent Resident Card has newly added the five-star element reflecting the national logo, optimized and beautified the layout, adopted more advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, and improved and upgraded the means of storing document information and application management services. With the upgraded technology and enhanced functions of the new version of the permanent residence permit, holders can handle their personal affairs, such as transportation, consumption and finance, online through the Internet platform after the new version of the permanent residence permit comes into effect, which will further facilitate the holders' work, study and life in the country.

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The relevant person in charge of the State Administration for Migration introduced that the launch of the new version of the permanent residence permit is a practical measure to serve and guarantee the opening up of the country to the outside world at a high level, and to improve the level of informationization of the foreigners' management services, which is conducive to improving the quality and efficiency of the migration management services, better serving the overseas talents to come to China to work, study and live, and implementing the strategy of strengthening the country with talents. As a next step, the State Administration for Migration, together with relevant departments, will accelerate the matching upgrading of information systems, facilities and equipments in all relevant industries, expand the scope of application, enhance the satisfaction of experience, and fully and smoothly realize the functional objectives of the revamped Permanent Residence Permit.


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